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Day Treatment for Adults

Our DTA program offers community and facility based activities for people who have aged out of the school system. The program is designed to help participants learn new skills and utilize existing abilities with an emphasis on community integration and interaction with age group peers. Participants can receive up to 8 hours  of DTA service per day, Monday thru Friday.


Respite services are designed to provide a break or  "respite" from the duties of caregiving to parents and guardians of children and adults  with developmental disabilities. Respite services can take place in the home of an individual, the home of a Certified Respite Provider or in the community.


Habilitation services are designed to teach skills for independent living to children and adults with developmental disabilities. Habilitation can be provided in the home of the individual receiving services, the home of  a Certified Habilitation Provider or in the community.

Attendant Care

Attendant Care services are designed to assist parents and guardians in caring for the needs of children and adults  with developmental disabilities.  Certified Attendant Care Providers  perform daily living tasks for individuals who are not able to perform these tasks for themselves.  Attendant Care services are provided primarily in the home of the individual receiving services.

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